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Trizaza gives you opportunity to join as an entrepreneur in Trizaza.


1.         In order to join Trizaza’s Affiliate Program you must register and sign this document and pay a joining fee of 100 USD for the first year (The “Registration Fee“), from the second year onwards the annual cost drops to 50 USD per year (The “Yearly Fee“).

2.         It is hereby clarified that in any case the Registration Fee and the Yearly Fee are nonrefundable in any case.

3.         Trizaza will evenly distribute 10 % of her annual profits from sales of flight tickets and hotels on the the website, after deducting all expenses.

4.         You can join as an Affiliate at any stage of the company’s establishment, Trizaza limits the possibility to up to 10,000 Affiliates and reserve the right to cancel the Affiliation program, at any time, subjected to the terms of this document.

5.         each Affiliate has the option to purchase as many subscribed Affiliates as he wishes and to function as a multi-affiliate.

6.         The company’s affiliates will be given a supplier price in accordance with the Affiliate’s ID number.

7.         All Members shall be entitled to make reservations in an Affiliate tariff as may be from time to time for the Affiliate’s personal use (including spouses and children up to the age of 18), limited to a yearly amount of 3 personal Reservations.

8.         Trizaza’s keeps her right to change, update (including the Registration Fee) or cancel the Affiliate Program.

9.         Trizaza may suspend or Cancel membership or entitlement of an Affiliate rights to an Affiliate who breaches any of Trizaza’s terms and conditions as may be from time to time, in such case, the Affiliate will be deprived of his rights as an Affiliate without any obligation to him and in such case the affiliate will not be entitle to any refund from Trizaza.

10.     The Affiliate takes full responsibility and liability for any third party’s claims, demands and lawsuits regarding any wrong or un accurate presentation made by the Affiliate to any third party and Trizaza shall have no liability.


11.     The determining conditions are the conditions published on the Trizaza website and/or on the various supplier websites and may change from time to time and it is the partner’s responsibility to be updated on this.

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