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Protocol and Terms & Conditions

The following terms settle the relations between the website and its’ operators, and the website’s users. Please note that the website’s services, including a referral to a caretaker and/or advisor as well as receiving information and/or content of various kinds and /or topics, conducting searches etc. according to the user’s needs, and at his request (henceforth: “the services“), are subjected to the following terms and conditions.


User” or “Surfer” – meaning, any person and/or corporation and/or entitiy using and/or surfing on the website, through a computer and/or any other mean, including cellular communication.

“The portal or “the website” – including the managers, operators, initiators, employees, stockholders, parent companies, associated companies, subsidiary companies and any representative on behalf of the website.

Any information written in this protocol in the male form, refers to both male and female users, and was written in this manner for convenience only.

All information in this protocol written in singular form, holds the same meaning in a plural form, according to the context.

Any use of the website’s services as well as the content displayed in it (henceforth: “the content“) will be conducted by the user according to the following terms and conditions (henceforth: the terms and conditions). One must read the terms and conditions thoroughly, as using the website constitutes an agreement to all of the terms and conditions in it.

The terms and conditions will apply to any use you make of the website, and will act as the legal basis to any discussion between you and the website.


Using the website constitutes an absolute and comprehensive agreement which allows the website to transfer relevant information, provided by the user to third-parties at the website’s discretion, in order to provide the website’s services to the user. Any use of the website constitutes a waiver from the user concerning any claim regarding an invasion of privacy, as well as the confidentiality of the details the user willingly provided and any claim regarding direct or indirect damage caused by this.

General Information

Surfing and or entering the website, and/or using the services, expresses and constitutes your agreement to the terms and conditions. If you do not agree to the entirety / a part of the terms and conditions, you are not authorized to use the website and /or the services for any and all purposes.

The website reserves the right to update the terms and conditions, occasionally, according to its sole discretion, and without need to relay any notice in advance. The updated terms and conditions will be binding beginning at the time in which they are published in the website.

In any event in which there is a contradiction between the terms and conditions and any other advertisement, of any form, the current terms and conditions will constitute the deciding factor.

The website is intended solely for personal use, and not commercial use and/or wholesale and /or use for a third party, unless clearly stated otherwise. The user will not reveal or transfer the username and password given to him, and/or his personal passwords to others.

It is forbidden to use the website’s database, or any data without the website’s written approval in advance.

Intellectual Property

The copy right and intellectual property in the website, its’ service and in any content and/or photograph, and/or drawing which are included in the website, belong to the website, or to third parties who authorized the website to use them as a part of the website and the abovementioned services. Furthermore, the website is the sole owner of the names and trademarks of the website, the patents and the models of the website, whether they are pending or not, in the copy right, in trade secrets included in the website’s operation and providing the services, in designing the website, the technical information needed to operate the website, including software, applications, graphic files and others, computer codes, texts and/or any other content included in it – excluding the users’ content as a definition of this term henceforth (the information). It is forbidden to copy, distribute, duplicate, publicly display, or provide the information and/ or any part of it, to third-parties. One must not alter’ advertise, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute or make any commercial use of the information and/or any part of it, unless provided with an approval by the website, in advance and in writing.

Responsibility Restrictions:

The website does not guarantee that the digital services will not be disrupted, will be provided routinely without interruption, will be conducted safely without any mistakes, and will be impervious to unauthorized access to the website’s computers or to damages, errors, malfunctions or failure in the hardware, the software, the communication lines and the communication systems, of the website, its’ providers and/or any party on the website’s behalf.

The website’s supply of the services depends, among various matters, on third-parties, and the website is not responsible for any action or failure of said-third parties, and will not be held accountable for any damage and/or loss and/or deficit and/or expense and/or harm done to the user and/or third-party as a result of and/or followed by the aforementioned act or failure.

The website is not responsible for the content, form, reliability, credibility and accuracy of the abovementioned users’ content, which is transferred to the website.  Moreover, the website is not responsible for the damage or violation of any intellectual property rights, including trademarks and trade secrets, privacy rights concerning the users’ content or any other use of the website’s users, and the services offered and included in it.

The website is not responsible for the user’s opinions and/or content and/or messages, which are uploaded to the website and/or provided to any of the website’s services, and it is not responsible for the publication of the information included in forums and/or blogs and/or chats and/or albums and/or any other service provided by the website as a whole. Furthermore, the website is not responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or deficit and/or expense which will be caused to the user as a result of storing and/or using and/or activating the website and/or the services, including damage to intellectual property rights, copyright, trademarks and trade names, trade secrets, patents and models, whether they are protected or unprotected and/or following an invasion of privacy.

The information, products and services included in this website are displayed as they were relayed by the third-party service provider, and may contain mistakes, inaccuracies or errors, for which the website is not responsible. Moreover, alterations are made to the information on the website at any given time, and/or the website’s various providers are authorized to alter the website at any given time.

One must not relay on any display in regards to the suitability, the credibility, the appropriate timing and the level of accuracy of the information, the software, the products, the services and the accompanying graphics included in this website.

The user is hereby declaring that he acknowledges that all of the information, text, music, sound, software, graphics, video, and any other content which was published or uploaded to the website and/or any other of the website’s services are exclusively the responsibility of the user and/or of the third-party service provider. Additionally, the user is hereby declaring that it is known to him that the website’s services are based on this, and that the content and/or photographs and/or other files which were uploaded and/or sent by the user to the website and/or any of the website’s service providers, are exclusively the user’s responsibility.

The user obliges that any message, information, text, software, music, sound, photograph, graphics, video and any other content which is posted or sent by him to the website will be appropriate and will not violate any other party’s rights, including third-party privacy rights, intellectual property and copyright. The user will not upload to the website any content or material which is illegal, threatening, includes defamation and/or slander, includes profanities, pornography, racism or any other material which violates the personal/general right of privacy and material which might offend and/or disturb other users. The user will not publish and/or upload to the website and/or any other of the website’s services, any content which may offend the public, constitute/ encourage criminal behavior or cause a civil claim, or violate any law, in any other manner. The user will not collect data regarding other users, and will not provide information regarding illegal actions. Furthermore, the user will not upload any advertisement or commercial content to the website, and will not act in any manner which may cause damages to the website (henceforth: the forbidden content).

The website does not control, supervise and is not accountable for the information and/or services provided and/or advertised by others, whether directly or indirectly, including services and websites belonging to others, for which there is a link in the website. The website does not guarantee that all of the links will be functioning, and that the user may reach an active website through them at any given time.

Any use or reliance of the user on any content, information, advertisements, services, products, opinions and stances displayed or published in the website and/or any of the website’s service providers, will be conducted at the user’s discretion, and will be the user’s exclusive responsibility.

If the user communicates with third-parties at the website’s referral, all of the communication’s terms will be agreed upon directly between the user and the aforementioned third-party, and the website will not constitute a part of the communication. The website is not responsible in any manner, and will not be held accountable for any damages and/or other claims, which the user may have as a result of said communication.

The user will not have any claim, demand or requisition against the website in regards to the quality of the information, services and the products advertised and/or provided by the website, their abilities, restrictions and their suitability to the user’s needs. As of now, the user relinquishes any claim and/or demand and/or requisition such as those mentioned above, against the website and/or any party on behalf of the website regarding the referral itself and/or its’ quality and/or its’ suitability.

Publication of the users’ content or placing a link in the website by the website, will not be interpreted as an offer to the user, expressed support, encouragement, agreement or as sponsorship of the website regarding the content and/or services offered by others. The user’s reliance on any content, information, advertisement, products, opinions and stances displayed or published in the websites for which there is a referral option as stated above, including information, content, opinions and stances displayed or published there, will be conducted at the user’s discretion, and will be his sole responsibility.

The website is not responsible of any damage, whether it be direct, indirect, accidental, consequential, a usage inability, data loss and/or profit loss or delays caused by/as a result of using the services and/or any information, content, service or products in the website and/or content the user may approach through the website, even if the website is surveilling the service providers for the website and its’ users and/or the content in the website or content which the user may approach or see through the website, and if the website is aware of a possibility of such damage, which may be caused to any user and/or third-party, concerning any matter related to the website and/or the services, the ability to use them, the inability to use them, their cancellation, restriction or their interruption.

If the website attempted to aid in finding a solution for a user’s issue and/or appeal, due to goodwill and according to the law, this aid will in no way be interpreted as casting responsibility on the website.

Under no circumstance will the website and/or any party on behalf of the website have any responsibility regarding any direct or indirect damage, punishable monetary damages, accidental , special or consequential damage and/or any other damage of any kind, including (and without disregarding the inclusivity of the abovementioned information) monetary damages as a result of / which are linked in any way to the use of the services, a delay in the use, or the inability to use them, or any information, product and service which were obtained through the services, and or are derived in any way from using the services, whether it be based on the agreement or damages, whether in complete responsibility or by any other claim.

The website does not guarantee that all of the links will be functional and that in any given time, one may reach an active website through them.

Commercial Information

The website is not responsible for the content of the advertisements advertised in the website by advertisers. Any advertorial content which is uploaded to the website by an advertiser, is the sole responsibility of said advertiser.  The website does not edit and/or supervise the advertorial content which is uploaded to the website, and is not responsible for the content displayed in it. Additionally, the website reserves the right to remove an advertisement at its’ own exclusive discretion, if said advertisement is deemed harmful.

The website is not responsible for what is said in the content and the advertisements which are shown in the website, and the website is not and will not constitute a part of any deal such as mentioned above. The registered users relinquish any claim and/or demand against the website and/or any party on its’ behalf in regards to the aforementioned information, advertisements and content. Moreover, the website reserves the right to remove an advertisement at its’ own excusive discretion, if said advertisement is deemed harmful.

Protection of Privacy

Using the website and the services included in it, constitutes an agreement on the user’s behalf, for the website to conduct computerized surveillance on the user’s use of the services through “cookies” and/or similar means. The website is authorized to use the entirety of the aforementioned information, for the control and/or surveillance and/or development and/or protection of the quality of the services, their degree and functionality and/or in order to fulfill any legal demands and/or for the website’s needs. This includes the website’s service and surveys.

The website ensures to protect any legal demands including the instructions of the Protection of Privacy Act, and it will protect its’ user’s privacy and will not reveal information provided to it to parties which are irrelevant to the website’s services.

According to the Protection of Privacy Act (1981), you are confirming that you are aware and agree that the details which you provided upon registering into the website are true and precise, and were provided by you in free will.  Furthermore, you are aware that the aforementioned details will be kept in the website’s registered database (henceforth: the data base) and that the website will be authorized to make use of them, amongst other matters, for collection, direct mailing and contact with the consumer, providing consumer service, managing a database as demanded by law, administrating a consumer loyalty program, managing sales, marketing and consumer recruitment. If at any point you wish to add and/or correct information which you provided and/or be deleted from the aforementioned database, you may do so by contacting the website.

You confirm that you are aware and have agreed for the website to be authorized to use the information to contact you with offers regarding services and/or other and/additional products provided by the website, and/or third-parties, including through direct mailing and direct mailing services, SMS messages, faxes, automated dialing systems and email.

Advertorial Content

By using the website and the services, and provided that you did not inform the website otherwise, you agree that the website will use your personal details to send you updates and/or content and/or advertorial and/or marketing information through your email address. If you do not agree to this, you must inform the website in writing.

Furthermore, your abovementioned confirmation constitutes an agreement to relaying advertorial content according to the Communication Act (Bezeq and broadcasts) (amendment number 40)(2008) (henceforth: the law). It is hereby clarified that despite your abovementioned confirmation, you will be able to recant your confirmation by sending a refusal message to the website in writing, or in the manner in which the advertisement was relayed to you.

Provided that you did not withdraw your agreement to receive advertorial content, then the website will be allowed, according to the instructions of the law, to use the personal details of registered users and/or relay the personal details of registered users to third-parties in order to expose said users to updates and/or marketing content which may be relevant to them, whether it may be by email, SMS messages or other means, and whether it may be content the registered user chooses to receive by registering to the service in a designated location in the website, or content the websites and/or third-parties will choose to relay to said registered user. A registered user who does not wish to receive the abovementioned content will be able to cancel this option when registering as a registered user.

Cancellation, Discontinuation and Alterations

Trizaza© will act at its’ sole discretion, without obligation to inform the user in advance, including blocking and/or restricting and/or ceasing the services in any event in which the user has used the website in such a way which may disrupt the services and/or other users and/or third-parties in a manner which constitutes a civil or criminal offence, or in a manner which raises suspicion that the user acted against the stated terms and conditions.

Likewise, the website is authorized to disconnect / restrict / cease providing the services at any given time, including in order to conduct maintenance actions or for a vital / immediate establishment in the systems which the website uses, at times of national emergency or for other national security reasons.

A restriction/discontinuing/ ceasing of services as stated above, does not inflict any sort of responsibility on the website and/or lessens the user’s duty to act according to the terms and conditions at any given time.

The website will be allowed to occasionally alter the website’s layout, its’ appearance, the services offered in it as well as any other matter in the website – all of this, with no obligation to inform the user in advance, and in turn, the user will not have any claim and/or demand against the website in regards to this.

The User’s Declarations and Obligations

In addition to all of the abovementioned information stated as a part of the terms and conditions, every user will declare and obligate to the website, as follows:

  • That the user is at least 18 years old, or that he is under the age of 18 yet he informed and obtained his parents’/guardians’ permission in regards to registration to the website, and that the user and his parents/guardians agreed to the responsibility restriction clause and all of the abovementioned terms and conditions as well as the terms and conditions stated below.
  • Not to use and/or upload to the website any content and/or photographs and/or video clips which contain content of threatening, blunt, racist or offensive nature, or pornographic material or any material with a blunt sexual nature, or which may offend the public or the laws of the state of Israel. Because if the user will violate copyrights and/or a third-party’s privacy of any kind, in any matter linked to the website’s service, including relaying personal details and documents which do not belong to the user / photographs and/or video content of any sort to the website, when the user is not the lawful owner of the documents / the rights of the uploaded content, the user empowers the website to relinquish itself of all responsibility and transfer any claim in the matter to the user:
  • Furthermore, the website is authorized to demand compensation for the damages caused to it including legal expenses and lawyer fees from the party which violated the abovementioned rights.
  • All of the information, text and any other content which was relayed and/or published and/or uploaded by the user to the website privately, is the sole responsibility of the user, as well as the content which was uploaded/ provided to the website in order to enjoy the website’s services.
  • Not to upload any content the user is aware is false or misleading.
  • Not to include any content which constitutes a defamation of another party.
  • Not to include any material which publication was banned by law.
  • Not to incite to racism, harming another person, murder or breaking the law.
  • Not to publish the personal details or telephone numbers of other users.
  • Not to use the website’s services in order to carry out an illegal action or activity.
  • To only use the services according to the terms and conditions, the law and subjected to the operation instructions and the instructions given to the user occasionally by the website.
  • Not to penetrate into the content and/or the computer files illegally and/or relay a computer software, code or application which include a virus, including malicious software (also known as trojan horses), worms, vandals, malicious applications etc. to other computers and/or to disrupt other computers against the CFAA (1995).
  • Not to send emails in a manner which will provoke complaints from the receivers of said emails.
  • Not to include any content which is linked to minors and identifies them, their personal details or their address, as well as any ways in which one can communicate with them, unless given permission by both parents/legal guardians in advance.
  • Not to include passwords, user names and other details which enable the use of computer software, digital files, websites or services which require registrations or payment, without said registration or payment,
  • Not to include misleading information.
  • Not to include any content which may mislead a consumer, as stated in the Consumer Protection Act (1981).
  • Not to refer to any link or give any other referral to content which publication was forbidden according to this document.
  • To keep secret and/or not reveal and/or not relay to other/s, your personal passwords (if and as long as it is provided that such passwords will be provided to the user by the website, this includes a username and password) and/or your internet access means, which will be provided (if they are provided) to you by the website, unless you have obtained the website’s permission to this, in advance and in writing.

A user which will not abide by the abovementioned obligations will be blocked, will not be provided any service, and the website will be allowed (without violating the user’s other rights) to block him and prevent him from using the website and enjoying services through it. A user which has been removed by the website and/or had his entrance prevented will not be allowed to continue to use the website under a different username.

The user will compensate the website immediately once being demanded to do so, for any damage and/or loss and/or deficit and/or expense, of any kind, including legal expenses, which caused / will happen to the website and/or any third party, and are linked directly or indirectly to the user’s content which are displayed in the website, and to any document the user provided the website with in order to enjoy the website’s services, according to the website’s primary demands, and he is relinquishing fully and terminally, conclusively and irreversibly any claim or demand against the website in regards to the aforementioned content, using the website and the use of the aforementioned services.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The laws of the state of Israel apply to the terms and conditions as well as all that stems from them or included in them, the terms and conditions will be interpreted according to the laws of the state of Israel, and any conflict or legal inquiry in regards to them will be decided by the website’s certified jurisdiction. One may contact the website through the contact page with any inquiry or request regarding using the website.

Cancelling and Changing a Reservation

It is hereby declared that Trizaza’s© obligation to purchase flight tickets, hotels, cruises, vehicle leasing services and various tourist services for passengers, is at any given time stipulated by the availability of the service itself. In any event of the service’s unavailability, Trizaza© will act to its’ best ability, with no obligation to provide an alternative, in cooperation with the service providers in order to find an alternative, and relay it to the consumer. Trizaza© will not be responsible for any action or shortcoming, of the airlines, hotels and/or third-parties from which it procured the services. Trizaza© will act to its’ best ability to represent the consumer’s interest to the relevant party.

Force Majeure – Trizaza© will not be held accountable or have any liability over the lack of fulfillment or delay in fulfillment, as a result of unforeseen circumstances beyond its’ control and/or which it could not have predicted and prepared for in advance, including force majeure, forces of nature, failures in electrical systems, satellites or networks, unauthorized access or theft, work conflicts or general strikes, pandemics and/or restrictions which will be put in place due to COVID-19.

Every deal which is entirely provided abroad, the regular cancellation terms will be applied to the reservation, according to the refund and cancellation policy of the provider. Trizaza© will not have any liability/responsibility over any claim from the consumer. Regarding the cancellation and/or cancellation fees and/or refund policy terms and/or options of every provider in deals which are entirely provided abroad (flights which are not bound to / from Israel, hotels abroad, vehicle leasing abroad etc.).

Deals Which Include Services Partially / Entirely Provided in Israel

A reservation cancellation request which was authorized, and a part of the reservation is provided and carried out in Israel, will be charged cancellation fees according to the regular terms and conditions as stated in the Consumer Protection Act, clause 14c (henceforth: the law) or in the Consumer Protection Regulations (deal cancellation) (henceforth: the regulations) as follows:

The consumer is allowed to cancel a deal by email to the customer service, which will be provided to him when carrying out the reservation, within 14 days from the time in which the deal was finalized or from the time of reception of a document containing the details, according to the latter of the two, unless the cancellation term is due within 7 days (which are not rest days) prior to the time of beginning of the service by remote sale, or 18 days (which are not rest days) prior to the time of beginning of the service by regular sale until the 01.01.13 and 14 days (which are not rest days) prior to the time of the beginning of the service from this date onwards and provided that said services are not provided fully abroad.

The cancellation fees charged for the cancellation, will be 5% of the cancelled reservation’s value, or 100 NIS, the lower of the two for each party in the reservation.

Additionally, Trizaza© will charge 50 USD handling charges for any change and/or cancellation which will be requested after the authorization of the reservation, whether by the consumer or by the service provider. This is not linked to the handling charges the service providers may charge, as stated in the reservation.

A cancellation will be carried out with a cancellation message in one of the following manners, according to the contact information provided to the consumer:

  • Verbally – through the telephone number: or by verbal message in the business location.
  • By mail – to the address:
  • Online – in a deal which one can communicate with the consumer, regarding the deal through this means.
  • Through any other means the minister determined.

Please note that if the day in which the message is received is a bank holiday in Israel or abroad, the cancellation/ change day will be the first working day after said holiday.

Trizaza © is allowed to cancel a deal in an event in which a mistake was made, whether in the price of the product or the description and/or in the event of a technical malfunction, or any other malfunction.

Consumer Information


An Israeli citizen requesting to leave Israel must carry the following documents:

  • A passport – your personal passport, which has an expiration date above 6 months from the time of your planned return to Israel. Always carry a photocopy of your passport before leaving Israel, and keep the photocopies separate.
  • Entry Visas – it is your responsibility to arrange entry visas to the countries which you would like to visit. Please confirm the need of a visa with the consulate of the country you would like to visit. It is recommended to issue all of the necessary visas in Israel, even if the date of your visit is late and the visa will expire. Renewing the visa abroad is easier. In many cases it is not possible to receive visas abroad if the original request was not submitted in Israel.
  • Exit passes – men up to the age of 45 and women (who are not exempt) up to the age of 37 must have an IDF discharge stamp in their passport. One must have a special exit pass if one wishes to travel abroad through Egypt.
  • If you carry a travel pass you must report this to your travel agent as soon as possible.


The consumer is responsible to arrange the proper insurance plan, comprehensive and extensive as needed according to the consumer’s needs, including personal and luggage insurance policies. One must arrange the insurance reservation ahead of the trip itself. It is recommended to purchase an insurance policy in any company which you deem fit. If you will not do this – you will be exclusively responsible for the results of your actions.

Medicine and vaccines – you must check the need for medicine and vaccines in the countries you will be visiting. Advise your personal doctor and refer to the Ministry of Health or any of the medical centers which expertise in the matter.


Full payment is demanded upon completing the reservation. The payment must be paid by credit card. The prices stated in foreign currency are calculate according to the highest selling rate for transfers and cheques which was determined at the business day prior to the payment.  A refund will be issued in NIS / EUR/USD, at Trizaza’s © sole discretion, and according to the proceedings with the provider and a low selling rate with a deduction of registration fees, cancellation and credit additions up to 45 days post – cancellation. In an event of a cancellation by the organizer and subjected to its’ approval, the refund will be refunded according to the currency which was determined by Trizaza©.

The total payment is determined by the selling rate for transfers and cheques as it is advertised by the Bank of Israel during the business day prior to the payment, excluding reservations of services carried out entirely abroad, including lodging services, vehicle leasing and cruises, which were not purchased as a package which includes flight tickets, for which the consumer will be charged according to a high selling rate as was published by the Bank of Israel in the business day prior to the payment.

Price Guarantee – the consumer can ensure the price proposal given to him in regards to his reservation only after the payment for the reservation.

General Flight Information – the flights are carried out by commercial airlines and/or by “low-cost” airlines, and their fulfillment is subjected to the terms and conditions published by said airlines and/or the CAAI.

The route and times of the flights, are under the sole responsibility of the airlines and there may be occurrences in which there will be changes in the times of the flights without early notice.

A part of the flights is fulfilled through the Code Sharing system (combined flights), and Trizaza © is not responsible for said combinations, as well as for the changes in the flights’ times and/ or their routes, therefore, Trizaza © will not answer to any demand or claim regarding a refund or a compensation for expenses or the trouble caused to the passenger as a result of the changes in the flights’ times and/or airlines.

The flights will not always be direct and occasionally a flight will land for a layover on both trips. In exceptional occurrences of overbooking of flights by the airline (this is allowed for airlines and it is not the organizers’ responsibility), a sole passenger or a part of a group of passengers, will have to travel in different flights. In such occurrences, the airlines will act to the best of their abilities to minimize the discomfort caused to the passenger.

All of the flights are restricted to the terms detailed in the flight-tickets and/or on the packaging of the flight/travel ticket.

The meals provided during the flights are the sole responsibility of the airline. Trizaza© cannot guarantee the passenger will receive special meals (Kosher, vegetarian etc.), even if the passenger has ordered it in advance. Please note that there are flights in which meals are not served at all.

Luggage and Hand Luggage – economy flight tickets to most destinations in the world allow the passenger to carry luggage up to 20 kilograms and hand luggage up to only 5 kilograms. In direct flights to North America the airlines allow luggage which is defined as PC2 (usually 2 suitcases which do not weigh over 70 kilograms together). Please note that in any event, the permitted weight of the hand luggage and the luggage will be determined specifically according to the provider’s and/or airline’s terms and conditions, and the consumer may not have any claim against Trizaza© in this regard.

The airlines are allowed to charge additional payment for excess weight, including hand-luggage according to a price determined by them, and at their own discretion.

The airlines do not guarantee that a passenger’s luggage will travel on the same flight as the passenger if the weight of said luggage exceeded the permitted weight, even if the passenger paid for the excess weight. In these irregular occurrences, the luggage will arrive on a different flight, under the airline’s responsibility.

In the event of loss of and/or damage to your luggage in the final destination abroad, you must turn to the airline’s help desk in the arrivals hall in order to complete a luggage loss/damage form.

Please note that children up to the age of 2 years old are not eligible for luggage or a seat on the flight. There is no possibility to guarantee certain seats and/or the first seat rows on the aircraft. Reserving a crib is considered as solely a request, and is subjected to the airline’s approval, and is its’ responsibility.

Hotel Responsibility – Trizaza © constitutes a broker between the tourism wholesalers and the passenger. The provided services are fulfilled under the responsibility of the various tourism wholesalers. Trizaza© is not responsible for the daily operation of the hotel, including the functionality of its’ systems, air conditioning operation hours, sheet changes in the rooms, water heating etc.

Please note, the hotels’ ratings are determined by the local Ministry of Tourism in each country and are not comparable with the hotels in Israel or between other countries. We are obligated to display the hotels according to the ranking which was determined by the official entities in the relevant country, even if they are not identical in degree to hotels with the same ranking in Israel or in any other country.

Hotels ranked as “Tourist Class” are commonly similar in degree to a 2-star ranking. These hotels are relatively simple and more basic.

The hotel voucher grants the consumer solely the services stated in it, and exclusively in the dates stated in the voucher, according to the customary rules in Trizaza ©.

The voucher cannot be transferred or exchanged. A lack of utilization of the services stated in the voucher (in their entirety or only partially) will not grant the consumer any right of claim or refund.

Changes / Cancellations in Israel – the passenger must inform the travel agent regarding his intention to cancel / change the reservation.

In Europe: according to the instructions of the specific provider.

In the USA: according to the instructions of the specific provider.

The abovementioned cancellation/ change fees can be changed and are subjected to the discretion of the hotel providers abroad, and at any event, will not apply to reservations at times of pageants, conventions and special holidays.

Cancellations Abroad – the cancellation of the services abroad by the passenger will only be done in writing an email to the Trizaza© customer service, and to the provider’s customer service, as was provided to the passenger in the reservation. The passenger must receive confirmation from the provider abroad / the hotel regarding the cancellation time and the cancellation fees caused by this. In any event, the passenger will be charged handling fees at the value of one night of the reservation, in addition to cancellation fees demanded by the provider abroad.

Let it be hereby known that there are deals abroad which cannot be cancelled, and provided that this clause was mentioned in the consumer’s reservation, the consumer will have no claim and/or demand against Trizaza© in regards to this.

Relevant Information Regarding Hotels – the standard hour for room admission is from 14:00. In the event in which the hotel is not fully booked, one may receive the rooms earlier than the aforementioned time, yet this is subjected to the room availability in the hotel at the time. One cannot guarantee early admission to the rooms unless they pay for an additional night.

Late Arrival – one must notify Trizaza© upon making the reservation regarding the arrival time to the hotel. Hotels do not guarantee saving a room after 18:00 if they did not receive a notice in advance.

Departing from Hotel Rooms – one must depart from the hotel room until 12:00, this hour does not change in regards to the flight departure time. A late departure from the hotel may be subjected to additional payment, and it must be coordinated with the hotel’s reception in advance. The confirmation of such requests depends on the availability of the rooms and the hotel’s capacity that day.

Most hotels allow guests to store their belongings in the hotel until the time in which they must depart in a luggage-room, yet one must be aware of the security issues with leaving one’s personal luggage unsupervised, and it must be reported during the security check in the airport.

Three or Four Person Rooms – in the event of requesting a room for three/four people, please note that most hotels will place a third/fourth bed into a two-person room. Occasionally, the additional beds are foldable beds.

Two Person Rooms – in most hotels, two-person rooms include two separate beds. There is no guarantee for a double bed in advance, even if mentioned in advance in the reservation.

Offer According to the Existing Situation (Run of the House) – reservations are for a room in the hotel, yet Trizaza© cannot guarantee a specific location (nor floor not side of the hotel) of the room according to the consumer’s request.

Special requests – Trizaza© cannot guarantee special requests such as: a high floor, ocean view, pool view etc. unless payment was made for them. Our company will gladly relay your requests to the relevant tourism provider.

Over Booking- in the event of overbooking in the hotel, the local agent and/or hotel and/or organizer is authorized to change the lodging at its’ own discretion, to a different hotel with a similar ranking. Trizaza© has noresponsibility / control over this.

Air Conditioning – Trizaza© is not accountable for the air conditioning, and will not be responsible in regards to the activation of air conditioning in the hotel. The activation of air conditioning is the sole responsibility of the hotel, and is subjected to the relevant country’s laws.

Additional Services – additional services in the hotel, including: parking, sauna, gym etc. will be partially provided for a cost.

In the event that an issue arises while staying in a hotel, one must turn to the hotel’s reception desk or to the local provider (which appears on the voucher) and/or to the company’s emergency hotline (+9725333345442) in order to reach a suitable solution during the vacation.


The flights are the sole responsibility of the various airlines. The times of the flights, their routes and the departure/ arrival airports, may change, occasionally with no advanced notice. Trizaza© is not responsible for any changes in the times of the flights or their routes, and therefore will not respond to any refund or compensation claim concerning expenses or trouble caused to the passenger as a result of the changes in flights.

It is the passenger’s duty to ensure the times of the flights as well as their routes upon making the reservation, receiving the flight ticket and upon confirmation of the return flight.

The passenger is allowed to carry luggage with him on the aircraft, as detailed in the reservation and according to the specific flight’s terms and conditions, as were offered by the provider. Excess weight will be charged an additional payment according to the price which is determined by the airline.

The meals provided in flights are the sole responsibility of the airline. Trizaza© cannot guarantee a passenger will receive special meals (Kosher, vegetarian etc.), even if it was ordered in advance. Please note that there are flights in which meals are not served at all.


The standard admission time in hotel rooms is 14:00, the departure is until 12:00, this is not influenced by the time of the flight. In the event of a late arrival, the hotels are not obligated to reserve the rooms after 18:00, unless they were informed in advance.

The number of days includes the departure day from Israel as well as the arrival day to Israel, even if the days are not full. The departure and arrival times from Israel are determined by the airlines and we are not obligated to complete the days into full days.

The hotel’s ranking and the extent of the accommodation is stated in the voucher you receive. If it is stated that the accommodation is half board, this (ordinarily) refers to a breakfast and a main meal. In most hotels the main meal is dinner, and it cannot be exchanged for lunch.

The “all included” accommodation includes three meals per day, light beverages and additional perks which are offered at the hotel’s sole discretion.

The room distribution is done according to the available rooms at the relevant day; therefore, we cannot guarantee a room in a specific location.

If you made a reservation for a 3 or 4-person room, it is most likely that foldable beds and / or fold-out sofas will be added to two-person rooms. Two-person rooms usually include separate beds, instead of one double bed. We cannot guarantee the kind of bed in advance.

Overbooking means the hotel is at full capacity and there are no available rooms, despite your reservation. In such an event, the local agent or the hotel are authorized to transfer you to a different hotel with a similar ranking.

Air conditioning is not available in some hotels, yet in certain countries the activation of air conditioning is done all at once by the hotel’s management in limited hours only, at their discretion or according to the regulations in the country.

  • Dear consumer, we would like to inform you that you may be requested to provide an international credit card as collateral upon receiving the room in the hotel, this is according to the hotel’s policy in each location.

Representatives and Local Tours

These choice tours are offered to passengers by hotels and/or by the local representatives of the providers. Said tours are organized, sold and conducted by local offices and/or their representatives. Trizaza© has no control or responsibility over these tours.

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